Welcome to the 10th Annual BeAVC Venture Capital Case Competition

Tenaya Capital and GGV Capital are pleased to present an opportunity for education and open dialogue between venture capital professionals and the students of UC Berkeley and Stanford through a venture capital case competition. This competition is structured to give students an opportunity to learn how VCs examine emerging technology sectors and develop investment ideas. Teams are paired with a venture industry mentor who will provide insight into the venture capital process and analytic methods.

Students interested in potential VC, technology, or entrepreneurial careers should find this case competition very rewarding. Competition finalists will have an opportunity to discuss their investment thesis in a round-table session with representatives from participating Silicon Valley venture firms.


Venture capitalists spend a large amount of their time identifying and tracking emerging technologies and behavioral trends. Investments in the venture business typically have an incubation period of three to five years before realizing an "exit" - the act that converts the VC firm's original investment for shares in a company back into liquid/cash assets, typically through acquisition or IPO. 

One approach that many venture capitalists take to identify intriguing investment opportunities is to develop an investment thesis from analysis of emerging sectors. An investment thesis helps to focus the investor on the type of company that will best take advantage of market opportunities.

Your venture firm has significant interest in the following sectors: Consumer Internet, Software-as-a-Service/Cloud, and Mobile, and has turned to you to recommend an investment thesis and related investment opportunity in a company within one of those sectors. As your firm is an expansion/growth-stage fund, the company must have already raised a Series B or later round.